Website & Maintenance Proposal for

Ventura Country Club

Website & Maintenance Proposal for

Ventura Country Club


The Ventura Country Club (VCC) website needs a total overhaul and the development of a web-based advertisement display system is needed.

  • Website content is out of date.
  • Website pages look incomplete and do not present the content in a user friendly fashion.

  • The website's software/plugins are out of date and need to be updated. The website is vulnerable to hacking in its current state. With an unknown disaster recovery plan, the website could be lost.

  • The website's URL permalinks are not industry standard and have unnecessary trailing hyphens and numbers. View Example

    Permalink Issues

  • The website has broken images. For example, the home page slider is missing a logo file. View Example
  • The website is missing on-page Search Engine Optimization including title tags, meta tags, and keywords.
  • The restaurant staff does not have a way to digitally share current events and nightly dinner specials online to customers.

  • There are many unverified VCC Google Business listing with out-of-date information and unresponded negative reviews.


We propose a new custom developed website with a fresh and user-friendly design. On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be completed including title tags, meta tags, keywords, and code/image optimization. 

The 19th Hole and Banquet pages will be greatly expanded on to include additional information, photos, and dynamic food/beverage menus.

A new 19th Hole Restaurant instagram account will be set up and a feed will be embedded on the website. This instagram account in part will be used by the 19th Hole staff to post daily food special photos. These photos will automatically display on the website in the instagram feed.

A feed of the existing banquet instagram account (@venturaccbanquets) will be embedded on the banquet page.

The new website will incorporate the web-based advertisement display system for the 19th Hole & Clubhouse lobby. A back-end system will allow VCC staff to make quick text updates if needed. Jason Lee Designs will design all necessary graphics and be in charge of ongoing updates.

Website software and plugin updates will take place monthly keeping the website safe from vulnerabilities. This will reduce the likelihood of the website getting hacked and/or removed. Daily website backups will be taken and up to 90 days of restore points will be saved to a cloud server. This provides VCC with a full website disaster recovery plan and system.

Jason Lee Designs will be responsible for sending a weekly MailChimp newsletter blast. 

Jason Lee Designs will assist in verifying all the VCC Google business listings. VCC staff will gain the ability to update all listing information, add photos, and respond to customer reviews.

Monthly Responsibilities and Duties

Jason Lee Designs will take over the following responsibilities from the current website vender.

  • Website content and file changes requested by VCC.

  • Weekly MailChimp email blast. VCC is responsible for content.

  • Website hosting.

Jason Lee Designs will perform the following additional services. 

  • Daily website backups - 90 days stored.

  • Monthly website software updates to prevent hacking.

  • Monitor broken website links and broken images.

  • Edits and new graphics for the web-based advertisement display system.

  • Monitor the Google business listings. 

  • Assist with social media posting on the 19th Hole account. 


New website launch: 30-45 days.
Web-based advertisement display system:  30-45 days.
Google business listings: 15 days.
Ongoing website updates to existing content: 24-48 hours during normal business hours/days. Emergency or rushed changes will be expedited. 


The initial 2 months will be front loaded with a large amount of work. I estimate the website requiring 35-40 hours of development time. The web-based advertisement display system will take 15 development hours.

My standard website development rate is $60/hour. The 2 projects would cost approximately $3,300 if billed outright.

To keep costs down, I propose a $500 payment at the time of contract signing with a flat rate of $650/month for the first four months.

The flat rate will cover both the monthly responsibilities like sending the weekly newsletter as well as the project costs. 

This will drastically reduce the cost to VCC.

After the first 4 months, all work completed will be billed hourly at the below rates. Estimated monthly billable hours: 8-12. 


  • Discounted website development rate: $45/hour.
  • Graphic Design: $35 hour.
  • Miscellaneous tasking: $35 hour.

Each monthly line item bill will include a $50 charge for website hosting, daily backups, link monitoring, and website software updates.

VCC Responsibilities

VCC is responsible for obtaining and providing Jason Lee Designs access to all necessary accounts.

VCC is responsible for any cost associated with the current MailChimp account. VCC will be responsible for the licensing cost if any premium software plugins are currently used or needed on the website.

VCC is responsible for the MailChimp email blast content writing.

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